About Madagascar

What you need to know before coming

There are so many things to say about Madagascar that it would take pages to do it justice. Maybe the best thing is to come and see it for yourself! However, here are a few little things to know before you come here for the first time.

Madagascar is polarizing. Most people love it, but some people are shocked by just how different it is! Madagascar is nothing like any other country on earth. The people are different, and most of the animals are different than anywhere else. Even the food is different. It is neither Africa nor Asia, and it is not like any western country. It is a mix of many different influences, but without being anything you can find elsewhere!

We could give you a few illustrations, but it will be ruining the surprise to tell you everything. So here are a few clues travel details for travellers heading to Madagascar.

“Madagascar is a living laboratory unlike anyplace else on Earth…In simple terms, most of Madagascar’s wonderfully unique species are found nowhere else…” – Rusell Mittermeier in The Eighth Continent, by Peter Tyson.