Remote Southwest

7 to 15 days one-way, only in 4WD

Tulear to Morondava along the coast OR Morondava to Tulear along the coast expedition. Flights can be taken into or out of Tulear and Morondava.

This is a great tour for those who like to escape the well-beaten path, for an untainted cultural experience, and some amazing baobab-studded spiny forest.

Salary is located north of Tulear. Between these two towns, you can see 90km of emerald-blue lagoon bordered by an endless white sand beach. Salary is a village where both fishermen and farmers live together. Fishermen live in and on the sea, while the farmers subsist with agriculture and zebu herding. This area also holds one of the last peoples of Madagascar to live completely on the forest, the Mikea people. These people know all the medicinal plants of the forest, know few modern conveniences like electricity, and collect all their food from the forest. They generally do not want any contact with the “civilized” world, but special visits can be arranged for people who are prepared to be gentle and understanding in touching this very different way of life.

Morombe and Manja are two towns lost in the middle of nowhere between Belo Sur Mer and Andavadaoka. They are both stopover towns, but will give you an authentic taste of the countryside of Madagascar. When you drive in, you may think ‘where (and maybe when) on Earth am I?!’.

Andavadaoka lies north of Salary. This is the place to go to see both dwarf and giant baobabs. This spiny forest with abundant baobabs will make you think you are not on Earth, but on some other planet! Access is mainly by road, although Air Madagascar has recently tried to run flights to this remote town.

Belo sur Mer is a place where people still build boats in the same old way as two centuries ago. Time stops here, and you can easily sit on the porch of your bungalow and watch the traffic of fishermen and other pirogues going back and forth all day long. Here, pirogues are the major means of transportation… mothers take their kids to the market by pirogue… groups of people go to funerals in the mangroves by pirogue… you go hang out with friends in pirogues! Belo lies south of Morandava, and north of Andavadaoka.

Kirindy Mitea National Park: This park was only recently opened, and can be reached by pirogue or 4×4. It can be visited as part of a remote southwestern trip, or by itself as a 2-night minimum trip from Morandava. From panoramic viewpoints on top of tall sand dunes, you can see a forest of giant baobabs. If you are lucky, you will see a pink haze of flamingoes covering the nearby lake. This is a really beautiful untouched place where you will not see many other humans.