Masoala Expedition

Average 5-7 days depending on flight schedules.

Not possible during cyclone season, from December to March.

Masoala National Park is one of few places on earth where pristine rainforest runs right down to a beautiful beach, with rich coral reefs offshore. This is the biggest National Park of Madagascar, and contains both vast primary forest and the biggest marine park in Madagascar. Humpback whales migrate to the bay in September and October to find warm and calm seas for their newborn babies. In the forest, live troops of Red Ruffed Lemur, one of the island’s most spectacular mammals. For birders, this is a famous site for one of Madagascar’s best birds: the incredible Helmet Vanga. It’s also a great site for the big and beautiful Short-legged and Scaly Ground-Rollers, and the enigmatic Bernier’s Vanga. You reach Masoala by flying to Maroantsetra from Tana, then taking a boat trip out to the peninsula. Rugged travellers can make a trek along the beach all the way down the peninsula from Maroantsetra.

Nosy Mangabe. This island is normally visited in conjunction with visits to the Masoala Peninsula. It is located in the bay between the National Park and the gateway town of Maroantsetra. There are a few very interesting wildlife species, including Black-and-white Ruffed Lemur, Climbing Mantella (a beautiful green-and-black frog), and Giant Leaf-tailed Gecko.