Majunga Area

Ankarafantsika National Park is paradise for lemur enthusiasts and birders. One thing that visitors love about this park is that the walking is very easy. You often don’t need to walk far at all to see Verreaux’s Sifaka, Common Brown Lemur, Mongoose Lemur, and a bounty of birds, which are often right around the park headquarters and camping area.

Katsepy.  This tiny village lies across the Betsiboka River from Mahajunga. North of the village lies a beautiful lighthouse, surrounded by a tiny patch of forest that still supports the localized Crowned Sifaka.

Mahajanga. The Sakalava kingdom was one of the biggest kingdoms of Madagascar until the island was united by the Merina kings. Majunga was the capital of the Sakalava kingdom of Boina. It is nowadays very popular to Malagasy tourists, and is one of the favorite beach destinations for families living in Tana. Mahajanga was an active port in the nineteenth century, and even in the eighteenth century, when Arabs traded spices, weapons, and slaves. This trading history leaves a legacy of different people in Mahajanga, which is quite cosmopolitan for a small town.

Lake Kinkony is a large lake reached from Majunga via a couple of ferry crossings, and a lot of rough roads. This big wetland area is famous for birders as the best place to see the rare Sakalava Tail. The rail is usually easy once you get there, but getting there requires an adventurous 4×4 drive on a very dusty road. The only accommodation at the lake is camping. But for hardcore birders, it’s totally worth it!

Anjajavy.  This paradisiacal island hotel has a private forest. For those with an ample budget, it’s a beautiful place to be on honeymoon or just for some relaxation. This is one of the rare prestige beach hotels where you can also see some wildlife, including dancing Coquerel’s Sifakas! Anjajavy is reached by a charter flight.

Nosy Saba.  Absolutely beautiful private island hotel with a private beach. Perfect for relaxing. It’s on the western shores of Madagascar, and is reached by a charter flight.